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Regular Freight

Established in 1989, Encompass is one of the most successful US owned freight delivering & sea freight forwarding companies. Our main specialization is international sea and ocean freight. We offer the full array of transport services, including pickup and delivery to a specific port or a warehousing facility, shipping container packing, warehousing, documentation processing, customs brokerage and more.

Freight Documentation

When it comes to the shipping documentation, the requirements can differ and  vary depending on whether you are shipping via air or sea. There are a lot of additional factors involved, such as whether you choose to drop your pack of documents off at a receiving centre/depot or have it already collected. Whichever shipping solution will be your choice, our specialized freight team will be here to assist you and make sure that you have all the papers that you need to have.

Customs Brokerage

The Encompass company will be glad to handle any kinds of International Customs and Quarantine requirements that are all required for the clearance of imports or exports consignments, which are typically highly regulated. Its critical to prepare for and complete these various customs clearance procedures properly, as they are all important in making your goods be transported and picked up at the destination port in a proper and fast way. If some of those rules are bent, heavy penalties may follow, which we will help you to avoid!


An Ultimate Warehousing Management, Provided by a Freight Company That Knows How to Deal With Bulk Cargo Shipments! Do you need to reduce distribution costs and lead time for orders? Want the flexibility of multiple locations within the same city, within the same country or around the world to optimize the overall efficiency?

Oil & Gas

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector of our service combines together a few essential features that define the Encompass’ scope of engagement worldwide. These 3 are remote operations, deployment of technologically advanced assets and highly customized client engagements. Currently we supply marine services to LNG facilities in Yemen and Equatorial Guinea and is actively seeking out other LNG engagements. Also our freight company is now in the process of developing a line of its own for a range of LNG powered next generation harbor tugs, anchor handlers and supply vessels

Ship Chartering

Our original ship chartering lineup offers you a variety of services, all meant to do just 1 thing – which is to make sure that your freight operations go flawlessly! We do: Chartering-in of tonnage. Sale & Purchase of the Vessels. Post fixture operations, Operational Monitoring and analysis of the overall financial performance of the fleet. Market research and forward planning. Financial evaluation & assessment of new projects, Contracts of Affreightment & Joint Ventures. Risk assessment & management

Ocean Freight Transportation Made Perfect!

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